An Ode to Level 3

Anthony Roberts
2 min readAug 31, 2021
School House Rock, Three is a Magic Number. Yes, it is. It’s a magic number.

Today, most of New Zealand drops down from a Level 4 lockdown (most severe) to a Level 3, which is basically Level 4 with takeaways. It’s a tiny step but one that shows we are (fingers crossed) beating down the recent Delta variant outbreak. Chur to all those in Auckland (and above) who are doing the heavy lifting by remaining in Level 4 while we all dash for takeaways.

To celebrate Level 3, I’ve put on my Bad Poet beret and composed this little ditty.

An Ode to Level 3

Don your mask and two metres stay

for contactless treats and takeaways

Lust, and Pride, and Gluttony

Baked in Hell for you and me

Fish and Chips and Jelly Tips

Burgers from the Pickle Jar

Chocolate Fish in Miramar

Souvlakies stuffed full of lamb

the Acropolis is where I stand

Busy hands at Liquorland

Whiskeys, Gins, and Piss in Cans

Don’t drink drive, stay out of trouble

Imbibe your booze back in your bubble

Malaysian, Thai, and Tandoori

Taro, pho, and hot curries

Macca’s tucka and KFC

Patricia’s Pies and Pastries

Level 3 is one small step

to covid kilos on your hips

But have a treat and raise a glass

for Level 3 will not last

If we follow all the rules

I’ll see you lot in Level 2

# # # # #

For those outside of New Zealand, here’s a link to our lockdown level system.

# # # # #

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